06/07/2007: Diness

Diness - A basic 6502 disassembler for NES ROM files (mapper 0 games only right now) written in Python

Status: Updated casually

05/26/2006: Essay Icey

Essay Icey - A simple NES demo/game with source code

Status: Finished

04/15/2006: Scratch Code

Scratch Code - Collection of miscellaneous small pieces of code

Status: Updated casually

03/27/2006: Nestile

Nestile - A portable tile editor for creating graphics for NES programs

Status: Not maintained

02/23/2006: NES Viewer

NES Viewer - A portable program for viewing graphics data from NES roms.

Status: Discontinued - Nestile replaced it

09/13/2004: River City Ransom Password Stuff

Password Generator
Password Decoder
Password Algorithm Description (text format)

Status: Finished