River City Ransom Password Generator

Below is a link to the a password generator I wrote for River City Ransom. Every password I've gotten from it (so far) has worked, but I can't guarantee the same for you (be careful of mismatching O and 0). The Python source code is also available here.

Password Generator
Source Code

River City Ransom Password Decoder

Here's the inverse of the password generator, the password decoder. As with the generator, there may be some problem with it that I don't know of yet, but so far it's worked for every password I've tried. It can detect errors in passwords, as well, and suggest a correction. You can enter apostrophes (or are they accents?) either by typing A' or B', or @ for A' and # for B' (no other letters with apostrophes are valid in the game, from what I've found). Once again, the Python source code is available below.

Password Decoder
Source Code